Let us help you take your business to the next level.


Launch Hatch was born out of a passion for systematically growing business through the use of digital marketing, website development and marketing automation.

From the very beginning we have always strived to provide our clients with maximum return on their investment. This means that we aim to keep our fees low and our systems straightforward so more of your money can go towards generating leads and closing sales.

What makes us unique?

Launch Hatch combines the essential elements of a successful marketing strategy into a single, scalable system that focuses on each stage of the customer acquisition process. This means that we not only attract the right people to your business, we also help you to convert them into delighted customers that continue to buy from you and promote your business.

Customer Acquisition Funnel

Customer Acquisition Funnel

ATTRACTDrive traffic to your website through targeted digital advertising.

CONVERTConvert website traffic into leads.

CLOSENurture leads into buying customers.

RETAIN/DELIGHTRetaining customers through aftersales, upselling campaigns & referrals.

Our Guiding Ethos


Get what you pay for. We believe in open, honest relationships backed by our detailed reports and analytics.


We have a strict confidentiality policy with our clients.


Our fundamental purpose is to deliver results. If we are not growing or improving your business, then you have the option to sign out.

Exceptional Service

We aim to deliver an exceptional service to every customer that interacts with our business.